Skiing is an extremely popular activity and there are millions of tourists who go skiing each year. At Moonlight Limo, we offer you the best ski transportation service. The slopes of Colorado attract a number of tourists who are fond of skiing and this site will provide you with a skiing experience that is absolutely world-class. In order to get to a skiing country, it is necessary for the tourists to go via Denver. It is here that the services of Moonlight Limo come in handy. If you hire our chauffeur driven cars then you will certainly be able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience. We offer cars for a group as well as for just 2 to 3 members. We will ensure that you hire a vehicle that suits your needs. All our ski transportation vehicles are equipped with automatic tire chains and also snow tires. We have the best chauffeurs driving your cars and they will help you to reach your destination through the fastest route. They will also ensure that the route through which they drive are also safe. You will thus be able to reach your skiing destination without worrying about anything and taking minimum stress.

Benefits of hiring our ski transportation services

Once the client hires a car during your skiing trip from our company, he or she is able to set his or her own agenda. The best thing is that the tourists do not have to limit themselves to the excursions that have been arranged by the hotel. They can also participate in other skiing expeditions. They can also avoid traveling in the group transfer buses which start from the airport and go to their hotel or resort. On the other hand, our clients get the opportunity to move through the slopes in quite a relaxing mood. Moreover, if the tourists travel around the resort in the cars that they have hired by our company, then it will also be quite cost-effective. Driving the mountain roads can be really fun and you can certainly enjoy the trip with our ski transportation services.

Things to keep in mind when hiring the car rental services

• The first and the most important thing that you will have to find out is why do you need a car from us. You will have to know your exact requirements. Make sure that you take into consideration the extra luggage that you would have to carry when you go out skiing. The most important things that you would require for skiing are the skis, the snowboards and also the ski boots.
• It is important for you to choose the size that you would need. There is no point in choosing a car that is too big. A compact car is considered to be more appropriate for ski transportation. Often clients get tempted to rent bigger cars. But it is always a good option to rent a car that is just comfortable for you.
• During the ski season, our cars are in very high demand and so it is a good option to book the car well in advance.

What sort of car should you rent?

It is very important to rent a car that has a ski rack. This allows the client to travel comfortably. Moreover moving around with the ski equipment will also be immensely helpful. If you want to travel in a car along with the ski rack and other equipment, it is very important that the car the client hires has big cargo space. We have cars that are extremely appropriate for traveling during the winter. All our cars are winterized. It is very important for the client to let us know in advance that he or she will travel to a place that has snowfall. We will, therefore, prepare the car accordingly. We will ensure that the car has a weatherproof kit as well. But for this, you will be charged an additional fee. The biggest advantage of hiring our car rental services is that we always let you know the fares in the very beginning. We do not have any hidden charges.

You can carry snowboards and also skis in our cars

We will certainly provide our clients with a car that is quite big in size and it will be able to carry all the equipment related to skiing. It is true that most of the companies have damage coverage, however, this is only for the exterior portion of the car and not for the interior portion. So in case, there is any damage caused to the interiors of the car then the client has to pay for it. But with us, things are quite different. This is because we have enough space in the car and so traveling with the equipment necessary for skiing will not damage the car interior.

You also have the option of carrying a ski rack

If the client wants then he or she also has the option of carrying a ski rack with him. But it is necessary for him to pay an extra charge for it. When the client is booking our services online, he can certainly order a car rack as well. We will also fit the ski rack properly and will ensure that this is not damaged on the way. The only thing that a client has to remember here is that the ski racks are not always available. One will be able to get it based on availability.

Moonlight Limo is a company that has been in the market for quite some time. We will provide the clients with the best cars for ski transportation. Our drivers are also trained and so they will be able to drive very easily through the narrow roads covered by snow. Moreover, since the drivers are local people, so they are also very much aware of the roads. They will ensure that you reach your destination in the quickest possible time and quite safely.